November 13, 2007

Life doesn’t imitate art, it imitates bad television.’ — Woody Allen

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Things went horribly wrong during the filming of South Africa’s second season of Big Brother. A woman got incredibly drunk, passed out, at which point her housemate sexually abused her. And to top it off, producers apparently thought it was totally okay to air.

Ofunneka Molokwu is a 29-year-old medical assistant who decided to spend the day drinking. She black out after an extended period of vomiting. That’s when 24 year old housemate Richard Bezuidenhout decided to take advantage of the woman. As another housemate begged him to stop, Bezuidenhout “penetrated her vagina with his fingers” while Molokwu lay unconscious. He then sat down in a chair across the room and sniffed his fingers for a while. Seriously. This actually happened on television, while people watched at home.

Viewers flooded newspapers and Internet message boards with emails expressing outrage. Many of the emails contained photo clips from the program, which appeared to show housemate Richard Bezuidenhout assaulting Ofunneka Molokwu.

The pay-TV channel insists that no such attack took place, even though people watched it occur. The channel took the high road: “There is no indication that [Molokwu] was unconscious at the time,” M-Net executive Joseph Hundah said.

Riiiight. I guess that is why producers called paramedics after the attack and cut the live feed, because all was well. Oh, and go fuck yourself.

In South Africa a woman is assaulted every 40 seconds. Bezuidenhout’s actions constitute rape under South African law. Bezuidenhout decided to top the assault by being an even bigger asshole when he opened his Neanderthal mouth to explain his actions to his other housemates. “Well, this is Africa,” he said.

Well, then maybe we can get you killed by a lion.

Now, in an even more hideous turn of events, the controversy is being called “Fingergate.” Seriously.


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