November 11, 2007

‘Gonna dance ’til we burn this disco out.’ — Michael Jackson

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From the Panther House

Two men are in custody after allegedly attempting to ensnare a member of the Royal Family in a £50,000 gay sex and drugs blackmail plot.

The men allegedly demanded the money after threatening to release a video which they claimed showed the naked royal engaged in a sexual act with a male aide.

They also allegedly claimed that they had evidence that he had supplied the assistant with an envelope, apparently bearing a royal insignia, which contained cocaine. A second video allegedly exists showing the aide taking the drug.

The men, aged 30 and 40, were arrested and charged with blackmail after a police sting operation. The police acted after the royal alerted officers when he received the first threatening telephone call. (…)

While in line to the throne, the royal in question is not a senior member of the family and does not carry out official engagements. (…)

The two men had allegedly tried to sell the tapes to a tabloid newspaper before allegedly embarking on a blackmail plot. When the tabloid deal collapsed they hatched the plot to allegedly approach the royal.

The video footage of the royal aide was allegedly shot in a flat close to Buckingham Palace in an upmarket residential area. It allegedly shows cocaine being cut up on a coffee table with a Harrods charge card before being sniffed by the aide who made claims of a sex act that took place between the two before asking for “more cocaine”. (…)

Scotland Yard’s kidnap and blackmail unit arranged a rendezvous at the London Hilton in Park Lane. They met in a suite but the meeting was filmed secretly by officers in an adjacent room. Part of the video with the royal aide making his sex and drugs claim was allegedly being shown when the police burst in and seized the two men.


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